TLC is often featured and recognized in the community for the outstanding work we do

Not only is TLC acknowledged, but our own staff is published and recognized for high achievements. 

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Creativity in Support Of Individual Lives:

............ One Agency's Perspective


A Place of our Own

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Organizational Mission Statement




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* Corporate Newsletters

.pdf files of our newsletters 2005-2009


* Information Handouts

- History of Total Living Concept

- Overview of Total Living Concept

- Our Mission Statement

- "Creativity in support of Individual Lives"

- "A Place of our Own"


* Website Shorcuts (presentation downloads)

2008 TASH Conference materials

2008 Salem Oregon materials

2008 Against All Odds Conferece materials

2007 TASH Conference materials

2007 Wisonsin Dells materials

2007 Asheville NC Conference materials

2006 PCSD Conference materials

2006 Supported Lives Conference materials

2005 TASH Conference materials