Mission Statement

"Our world will be a better place when all people are treated with dignity and respect,
have access to similar opportunities in life and enjoy the same rights and privileges."

Total Living Concept embraces these principles and works for their realization on a daily basis with citizens who experience developmental disabilities. We pledge our minds, our hearts, and our passion in service of these principles and the people supported by our agency.

To walk our talk with people, we obligate ourselves in the following ways:

Today we will...

...listen sincerely with our whole selves so that we may hear, learn, and understand how best to offer our support and assistance to each person.
...seek out information, knowledge and expertise from others who may guide us.
...acknowledge that establishing trust is built over time by doing what we say we will do and being present with people.
...help people recognize, appreciate and grow their unique talents, gifts, and skills.

Tomorrow we will...

...stick by people during times of uncertainty or when there are no obvious answers.
...abide by a standard of power with people, not over them.
...encourage people to seek advice and opinions from trusted others, even though it may differ from that we would offer.
...work through our differences, disagreements and conflicts respectfully.
...honor each person’s right to make choices that differ from those we think best.
...provide information, support and learning opportunities to assist people to understand the implications of choices being made.
...follow through on our commitments and promises to people.
...honestly and openly admit our mistakes and errors in judgment and draw lessons learned form these instances and move forward in a positive direction.
...celebrate life’s joys and accomplishments in both big and small ways.
...empathetically support people through life’s disappointments and sorrows.

Yesterday we...

...made some mistakes, but we learned and tried again
...were frustrated by lack of progress, but we learned and tried again
...cried when bad things happened, but we learned and tried again
...laughed, sang, and rejoiced in the success of people we support and we try to do that everyday
...learned by listening to people in the collective 150+ years that our management team has worked in support of people with disabilities
...found that we all want similar valued events to occur in our lives,

  • family and friends to love and be loved by
  • comfortable places to spend time thinking, dreaming and reflecting
  • adventures to embark upon
  • passion for our most fervent desires
  • enchantment with the wonders of our world
  • hope for a positive future.